Major Update

Major Update

Sep 26, 2023

The Generator Update

Open Interpreter has been rebuilt from the ground up based on generators, enabling developers to easily integrate OI into their applications.

We've also introduced the option to resume historical conversations, a global configuration file, and added new language model integrations like Claude.

Developer Features

The best way to preview our new developer features is to look at our example implementation of a "Her"-style voice interface.

You can now stream responses from the interpreter object in Python:

import interpreter

message = "What operating system are we on?"

for chunk in, stream=True):

More Language Models

Thanks to the LiteLLM team, we now support over a hundred new hosted language models:

interpreter --model

Budget Manager

The LiteLLM team have also provided Open Interpreter with a budget manager to limit spend per session:

interpreter --max_budget 0.01 # < Max spend in USD

Configuration File

We now save default settings to a configuration file which can be edited by running the following command:

interpreter --config

You can use this to set your default language model, system message (custom instructions), max budget, etc.

A complete change-log is available on our GitHub.

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