May 9, 2024

Ohana's Accessibility Grants

We believe that artificial intelligence presents an opportunity to make computers more accessible than ever before.

To help advance accessibility technology, Ohana and Open Interpreter are launching an initiative to harness the collective creativity and expertise of our communities. This initiative will not only broaden the conversation around accessibility but will also equip our community with resources to transform these conversations into solutions.

Introducing Accessibility Grants

To further empower our community members and incentivize groundbreaking projects, Ohana is offering up to $50,000 in Azure credits for projects that strive to improve the accessibility of technology through innovative uses of Open Interpreter. We are introducing the "Accessibility Grants":

  • Hugging Face Credits: Receive $30-$40 in credits to explore cutting-edge models and tools.

  • Azure AI Credits: Get $200-$300 in credits applicable towards GPT usage and other Azure-hosted models, enhancing your project's capabilities.

  • Potential collaboration with OI/Ohana

These packages are eligible for additional credits given at each milestone:

  • Stage 1: Documentation and Proof of Concept

  • Stage 2: Basic Testing

  • Stage 3: Deployment

How to Join

To get involved with this initiative, join the Open Interpreter Discord server and post your idea in the #accessibility channel. All proposals are welcome, from nascent concepts to well-developed plans. Ohana and OI will work with individuals to get proposals selected for the Accessibility Grants.

Everyone is encouraged to engage with like-minded individuals and share your ideas on how we can improve accessibility through technology. OI and Ohana will be hosting regular group sessions on the server focused on accessibility. These sessions are designed to accelerate the development of accessibility solutions.

This initiative represents a unique opportunity to directly impact the development of accessible technology solutions. Whether you're a developer, a technologist, or simply someone passionate about making technology accessible to everyone, your contribution can lead to real change. By collaborating, sharing ideas, and leveraging the powerful tools and support provided by Ohana and OI, we can work together to make technology universally accessible.

Join us on this exciting journey to explore the limitless possibilities of open source technology in creating a more inclusive world. Let's innovate, inspire, and implement solutions that will shape the future of accessibility in technology.

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